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Company Liquidation

An insolvent liquidation is the process for closing down a company when it cannot afford to pay all its debts.


Bankruptcy relates to personal debts.

Voluntary Arrangements

A voluntary arrangement is an alternative to other insolvency processes and usually provides a better outcome for creditors.

Striking Off

Disolve your company and have it struck off.

Members Voluntary Liquidation

Close your solvent company in a tax efficient manner.

Help me to Start Again (Phoenix)

Saving a business or part of the business.


Quick protection against legal action from creditors.

Pre-pack Administration

A very quick sale of the business can be the best option in certain circumstances.

Charities - Schools - Clubs

Information and advice through financial difficulties.

Informal options

Keeping negotiations informal can help to preserve the businesses reputation and credit rating.

Quality insolvency advice

When you have an insolvency related query, Brailey Hicks has experts ready to advise.

Time to Pay Arrangement

Quick and efficient help with arrears and taxes with HMRC.

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