Brailey Hicks Complaints Procedure

We always strive towards a high quality of work and we hope you are satisfied with the service we provide. However, we do also recognise there may be occasions when you are not satisfied with the way in which a particular matter has been dealt with.

If you feel you need to complain, our complaint procedure is as follows:

  • In the first instance you should raise the matter with the insolvency practitioner responsible for your matter. Details of the relevant insolvency practitioner can be found on all correspondence relating to the case or by calling our office.
  • If the matter is not satisfactorily concluded, you should refer your complaint to one of the directors, Simon Hicks or Julian Brailey. Contact details for the directors are included on all letters issued by Brailey Hicks.
  • If the director is unable to satisfactorily resolve your complaint, you may complain to the Insolvency Service complaints gateway:

Complain about insolvency practitioner.

This gateway deals with complaints relating to all insolvency Recognised Professional Bodies (“RPB”). All of our correspondence states the RPB which regulates the insolvency practitioner(s) with responsibility for the matter.

Brailey Hicks has professional indemnity insurance provided by Arch Insurance (UK) Limited

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